• Limited Edition Soy Wax Candles. Our candles are made from all-natural ingredients and flavourings (pure soy wax and scents), and come with a wood wick for an even burning with no tunnelling.  200gm. Burn time approximately 35 hours.
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The Genesis of Social Lights

Our Deepest Desire

In the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, Social Lights Co is dedicated to enriching social and emotional connections. With every product you purchase, we provide tools designed to spark meaningful and delightful conversations, allowing you to forge deeper bonds with those who journey alongside you.

Though a single water droplet seems small, collectively they create vast oceans. In the same vein, one conversation might not make an immediate impact, but ongoing, open, and kind dialogues foster healthier relationships.

Gifting a Gift

Looking for something for someone special?


What our customers are saying about us?

“I had a really deep and meaningful conversation with my partner that night as we lit the candle. It was life-changing. We touched on topics that were difficult to articulate and learnt how to hold space for one another.”

Roobee T

Best of Both Worlds- Bold and fresh

The candle’s flavours were bold and fresh. As I sat alone in my thoughts after a busy day, I reflected on the conversation question. I am renewed with a deeper purpose in life - to love better.

El Teng

One of a kind experience

There’s really not a product in the market quite like this. This is more than just a candle. Their conversation starters truly make this product shine. They are well-thought out and great to be used in a group setting. Who said enjoying scented candles was only meant for solo enjoyment?

WZ Chong