Quotes for Expansive Living Calendar (Third Edition)

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Introducing our first collaboration project: 'Quotes for Expansive Living' calendar.

We found an amazing partner in The Dao of Thriving and an even better friend in its founder @dougoloughlin.

We resonated with his passion for building impactful and joyful communities. At the same time, we also found common ground in expansive and dynamic thinking. What better way to do it than in bite-sized, daily reminders in a 365-day calendar!

As an expert in Leadership and Organisational Development, Dr O'Loughlin has collected these quotes from years of facilitating numerous workshops. Each quote has been specially curated to provide food for thought. Having started with 30, the collection grew to more than 400. We hope this calendar will magnify hearts, minds, and souls with each day's encouragement.

* Order will delivered with 3-4 days upon payment. If you need it promptly, please email us separately.